West Shore - Student Ministry Director
Title:West Shore - Student Ministry Director
Department:West Shore Campus

Job Description

Role:  West Shore Student Ministry Director
Reports to: West Shore Campus Pastor; Direct Consultant (dotted line) to Central Director of Student Ministries
Location: LCBC West Shore, Mechanicsburg, PA
Hours Commitment: 40 - 45 hours per week with regular weekend responsibilities (Sunday through Thursday - weekday out of office is flexible) 

Purpose statement: To lead the LCBC West Shore Student Ministry team, increase effectiveness in introducing more and more people to Jesus and helping them to become fully devoted followers.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Can articulate an identifiable salvation experience.
  • Lives out a pattern of spiritual development characterized by prayer, Bible study, stewardship, and regular participation at LCBC.
  • Supports LCBC’s purpose, mission, priorities, doctrinal statement, philosophy of ministry, doctrinal statement, and style of worship.
  • Shows a desire to grow, develop, and mature, both spiritually and professionally.
  • Displays spirit of cooperation and willingness to serve on a team.
  • Exhibits pride in the image of LCBC as it reflects on the image of Christ portrayed to the congregation, staff, and guests. 
  • Demonstrates commitment to ministry and encouragement of others toward the same.
  • Has a passion to lead Campus Groups and Next Steps Ministries.
  • Be an LCBC Partner or willing to become a Partner within 60 days of employment.

Preferred Education/Experience/Skills:
  • Strong people and conflict resolution skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Strong team leadership and management skills.
  • Ability to maintain absolute confidentiality in handling matters of a sensitive nature.
  • The ability to recruit, establish trust with, and lead volunteer teams.
  • Oversee the Collide (5th - 8th grade) and Circl3 (9th - 12th grade) Gatherings on Weekends and Wednesday nights.
    • Create a fun and exciting environment for students to connect with Jesus, friends and leaders.
    • Ensure the gathering space is adequately equipped for students.
    • Become a sincere advocate for students in their adolescent years.
    • Create an engaging team for volunteers to serve on.
    • Ensure that transitions between kidMinistry and Student Ministry are strong.
    • Implement centrally provided content at gatherings.
  • Recruit, Train, equip and vision cast Student Ministry Volunteers to serve in LIFE Groups, Guest Experience and Production teams.
    • Ensure Student Ministry is adequately staffed with caring and qualified volunteers for all responsibilities.
    • Ensure that those volunteers are oriented to the LCBC and Student Ministry culture.
    • Ensure that all volunteers are trained and equipped to succeed in their area of service.
  • Be a liaison between parents, students and LIFE Group Leaders.
  • Assist with the implementation of quarterly retreats and events.
  • Assist with the Implementation of One Summer Serving Trip for Circl3.
  • Assist with campus specific responsibilities as designated by the campus pastor.
Do everything you can to:
  • Grow all LCBC locations.
  • Grow Student Ministry by at least 10% annually.
  • Be a visible presence for parents.
  • Engage emerging young leaders - give them very real responsibilities.

Allocation of time:
  • 30% Leading Gatherings
  • 30% Central and Campus meetings
  • 20% Connecting with volunteer leaders
  • 10% Connecting with students
  • 10% Discretionary time
  • The West Shore Student Ministry Director will meet regularly with the West Shore Campus Pastor for planning, goal-setting, progress updates, and general coaching. A formal Action and Development Plan will be completed and reviewed three times throughout the year.
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